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Did you ever wonder how you can have more in life? More time, more space, more money, more peace? And less on things like stress, clutter, noise, and financial obligations? Well, I did.

But I chose to take on a journey and a lifestyle that has been helping me have MORE in life with having LESS. I chose to live a minimalist lifestyle.

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  • Slow Down
    Have you ever had a trip where you pass by a beautiful scenery and you begin to lightly let go of the pedal to slow your car down and enjoy the view? Almost everyday, we are in a constant rush. We rush to get to work on-time or catch a flight or meet a deadline. […]
  • Absence leads to discovery
  • 30-Day Social Media Break
    April 13, 2021. It was when I began my 30-day Social Media Break. I uninstalled my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube from my phone. I also even unsubscribed from Netflix. I distanced myself to everything that have used up my time on unproductive or counterproductive activities. Personally, social media has also affected my mental health […]

About Me

Hi, I’m Teniza. I’m a neophyte minimalist who loves coffee and the outdoors. I enjoy keeping things simple and organized. Although a foodie, I always try to keep a well-balanced diet. It has been my constant desire to be able to reach out to the helpless and to preserve the environment. And I believe that being a minimalist will help me attain and sustain these goals.